19TH MAY 2010


I HAVE HAD NEWS JUST THIS MORNING from close to the top (not from CLG press spokespeople) that The Secretary of State is aware of the problems caused by the current uncertainty (see my letter beneath) and HIP 'suspension' is imminent, and once the Order is laid it will come into force THE NEXT DAY. Whether the action will include a promise to consult on re-instatement, perhaps with amendments,  at a later date is unclear.
Separate legislation covers the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which is currently incorporated in the HIP (this is the part that reports on the thermal efficiency of the property being sold, and requires a personal inspection of the home by a qualified Domestic Energy Inspector) - it is expected this will remain a marketing requirement under EU law, but hopefully need not be produced until legal completion of the sale. The regime that requires the HIP and EPC to be in place BEFORE marketing could legally begin was a Labour government embellishment for their own ends (I have always suspected those ends to include the surreptitious gathering of property information for future tax raising and tax evasion investigation).
The Home Information Pack is almost universally regarded as one of the worst pieces of legislation to have been introduced in modern times (except by HIP provider firms of course) and its abolition was a major plank in the Manifesto promises of both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties
Trevor Kent
Former President NAEA


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Trevor Kent